Surfer Dude – Character mascot


Fun and Fit character mascot

A  Surfer Dude for those Beach Parties !!

Can be branded with colour amends and garments added for personalisation



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Sizing : Suitable for an adult performer to wear up to 1m 90.

Head construction: Handcrafted light durable casing structure perfectly lined to give a hollow finish with excellent vision. Contoured neckline with underarm elastic straps for stability.

Costume pieces consist of: A large head, one piece padded body suit with concealed rear fastening, overshoe feet and separate hands. tailored to a high standard for a professional and perfect fit. includes clothing.

Care & Maintenance : Full instructions provided, can be washed at cool temperature.

Extras: Clothing, logo and branding tidy cover and performer cooling products can be purchased for this mascot, please see our Extras category in our online shop.


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